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Getting Married in Cuba, with or without a Constitutional Reform

They met online and began a virtual relationship which allowed them to see each other every day in spite of physical distance. A few months into this relationship, they planned to meet in Havana, they slept the night together and, the next day, Shellys Mayara received the proposal that would take her to the altar, going against those who don’t believe that same-sex marriage is an option for Cuba. Theirs wasn’t the first symbolic gay marriage on the island. The Aire de Fiesta team have been organizing marriages between men and between women for several years now. Other weddings...

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How can you make a movie with US $20?

The man smokes one cigarette after another, he joins the ashes of one with the smoke of another. He doesn’t stop talking. His name is Demian Rabilero and he was in different prisons in Santiago de Cuba for five years (he was a lawyer charged with bribery/corruption). When he got out of jail, in 2003, he found that he didn’t have many friends left on the city’s streets and these “disappearances” led him to come up with the idea for a film: Temporal (2006). Here, he shares his recipe for making a movie with just 20 USD. “Temporal is...

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Ser artista outsider en Cuba

La amplia gama del concepto de Art Brut/Outsider Art permite la inclusión de creaciones artísticas realizadas por personas con problemas mentales. Misleydis Castillo de 32 años es una de ellas.

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