Author: sumavoces

Cuban Artists Request a Public Debate over Decree 349

Even though Decree 349 was ushered in like many things are in the Official Gazette, it has created intense debates in different spaces for being a document that seeks to regulate the country’s cultural policy in an explicit way. Since November 20th 2018, a group of artists and creators have been sending a dossier around by email which summarizes their actions to hold a public debate about the new law and the messages that have been sent to the country’s main authorities. The dossier includes the names and signatures of artists such as Daniela Munoz Barroso (filmmaker), Jose Luis...

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Small private businesses in Cuba face uncertainty over new regulations

The Cuba Libros Literary Cafe (at least its essence) will disappear on December 7, 2018, when a “series” of new regulations for private business owners come into effect. Located on the corner of 24th and 19th streets, in Havana’s Vedado neighborhood, it’s a unique place for literature lovers, who find not only a juice or coffee there, but some books that aren’t normally found on public library shelves. Books written in English. Conner Gorry’s dream is what the cafe is today, because if it weren’t for the books, her cafe would be the same (or at least similar to)...

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