Author: leidys-m-hernandez

Alegría ante modificación de las normas para el trabajo por cuenta propia

Los 589 000 trabajadores por cuenta propia que existen en Cuba despertaron hoy con una noticia que para muchos marca el futuro de su vida personal y profesional: varias de las 20 normas jurídicas que perfeccionan la Política para el Trabajo por Cuenta Propia y entran en vigor este 7 de diciembre, han sido adecuadas.

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Small businesses hindered by new regulations

When there’s only just over a month before the Cuban government’s “package” of new regulations for self-employment come into effect, doubts and uncertainty are still prevalent in a sector that is calling them “arbitrary measures that have not been approved by anyone who will have to comply by them”. This is what lawyer Lilian Romero Moreno, the Clandestina store/workshop’s legal adviser, says, who feels that these regulations have disrupted her professional stability, which she has managed to achieve with a great deal of “effort and sacrifice”. Especially the regulation that relates to a self-employed person only being able to...

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