Author: yudith-vargas-riveron

Notes from a cuban woman with tattoos

“I’m not thinking about donating my skin to science,” the red-head said to the man selling lighters. The guy had pestered her about the tattoos that covered her immaculate skin, which was virgin to ink until she was 26 years old, and (to top that all off) this skin belonged to a young university professor. The young tattooed professor didn’t appear to be a masochist, a junkie, or anything of the sort. She rather looked like a bookworm with her large nerdy glasses and a pile of books under her arm. But, she had tattoos. Lots of them. “Too...

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Los otakus dominarán el mundo

Pero si eres otaku en Cuba o “manga-mongo”, como cariñosamente nos llamamos entre nosotros aquí, sabes también que hay un evento anual, organizado por un muchacho tan o más otaku que tú, que hace cinco años deja alma y piel para aunar a todos los fanáticos.

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