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Ainoa’s Family and Changes to Article 68

Liusba looks at the camera and, in the meantime, her girlfriend Lisset rubs her hand up and down her back, a somewhat affectionate and protective gesture. She says that her greatest happiness, as well as being pregnant, is that she has never seen her parents so happy, because this is definitely not expected from a lesbian couple. It’s expected here that lesbian couples are discreet, that they save their kisses for the privacy of their own homes, that they are more like sisters than girlfriends, that they are more feminine, stronger, sexy, that they have a lot of cats,...

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What Cuba’s Religious Fundamentalists Want to Sweep Under the Carpet

A few weeks ago, Reuters news agency published a video in which a preacher from Havana’s Methodist Church claimed that all Christians are against Article 68 of the draft Constitution (which takes out a reference to gender in defining marriage) because the Bible condemns it, quite simply. These proclamations were made in the name of its communities by over 20 leaders of Protestant denominations and the Catholic Church to support this position, suggesting that Cubans who share Christianity as a religion form a united front against passing and legalizing same-sex marriage. However, reality goes beyond the frenetic sermons that have...

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Five reasons to oppose same-sex marriage in Cuba

The inclusion of Article 68 in Cuba’s new draft Constitution seems to be the only thing people are talking about during the popular consultation process. The chance to recognize marriage as the union between two people, regardless of their gender, has led to the most repetitive speeches at every assembly (if we go by what official media reports anyway). I have read the arguments that are given at these meetings, I have gone to several assemblies and I can tell you that opinions against same-sex marriage are scarce and repetitive because when it comes to discrimination in the 21st...

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