Author: isma

Mi muñeca negra

Las muñecas siguen siendo juguetes llamados a representar el papel de “ama de casa” u objeto de deseo consumista que vacía de valor al ser social que representan. Mi muñeca negra rompía con estos esquemas.

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My Black Doll

Dolls continue to be toys called to represent the role of “housewife” or object of consumer desire that empties of value the social being they represent. My black doll was breaking with these schemes.

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Invisible Racism in Cuba

Racism doesn’t have to be overt or radically expressed as the persecution, slavery and extermination of a race, as these extreme situations are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s what we can’t see that is the most worrying because it isn’t aggressive, it forms a part of our everyday lives.

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