Author: katheryn-felipe

Madres de la santería

La Valdés cree que “Con el solo hecho de ser mujer gozamos de condiciones espirituales que nos aproximan al Creador de forma directa y sin tantos artilugios ni títulos ni ornamentación ritual. Y ese poder natural da miedo, por eso ha sido boicoteado, estigmatizado y subvalorado con cada medio posible».

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The Team Behind a Documentary that Doesn’t See Race

The idea that socialism helped to resolve Cuba’s race problem is just an illusion: “You can’t destroy a mindset so easily that has been baking for centuries in slavery and colonialism,” says filmmaker Gretel Marin, who graduated from Cuba’s University of the Arts (ISA). Born into a “mixed” family, Gretel discovered racism’s ugly head as early as primary school, when she saw how a boy wouldn’t hold a classmate’s hand because she was black. She also had partners who stopped visiting her when they found out her father had “dark skin”. She met black women who pursued the ideal...

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