Author: luis-orlando-leon

A young cuban man and his two fathers

Our morbid society says that our protagonist should have broken down in tears, telling us about the horrible events and obstacles his father and his father’s gay partner have faced, his voice choking with emotion. However, Guido Asenjo Valdes, named after his biological father, not only exuberates happiness every time he smiles, but is also surprised by the questions that he has never even asked himself. He would have been about 11 or 12 years old when his mother sat him down to tell him what he had always assumed. That his father was a homosexual, that Pavel, the...

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Magia para levantar un Café

En una casa dieciochesca, para sentarse hay viejos cajones y los muebles reales permanecen colgados boca abajo en el techo, como secuestrados. El Mago se llama este minúsculo café particular, un sitio como plantado a la fuerza en el centro histórico de Trinidad.

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